Day Tours

Being the largest country in the world, Russia offers visitors a rich and varied experience amid the unique geography and diverse cultures of the host cities. All Green & Gold Army packages include a guided city tour in each host city. In addition, a range of optional day tours will be available for you to more deeply uncover the sights and culture of Russia with your fellow Green & Gold Army travellers.

Full details of optional day tours will be released nearer travel. Here’s a snapshot of what to expect from Moscow and St Petersburg:


A visit to Moscow wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Kremlin- the historical heart of Moscow and the centre of modern-day Russian political power. We will have the opportunity to discover what goes on behind the Kremlin walls. A short walk from the Kremlin is Red Square, a spectacular square and the scene of many Russian public shows and demonstrations. In Red Square, Lenin’s body lies in State and can be viewed. At the other end of Red Square St Basil’s Cathedral rises- a photo in front of the iconic and colourful Cathedral will be fit for a post-card.

St Petersburg

The cultural capital of Russia and the home of the Tsars, St Petersburg’s architectural beauty will blow your mind. Aside from its architectural beauty, St Petersburg will have the history aficionados amongst us extremely satisfied- visit the tombs of the Russian Tsars, stand next to the platform where the Tsar experienced Religious Mass, and visit the home of the Tsars: the Hermitage- the second largest art gallery in the world (second only Paris’ Louvre) and home to masterpieces from the world’s greatest artists.