Ticket Exchange Terms & Conditions

  1. If you require ticket(s) to a game, we may either directly or indirectly offer you tickets that (a) other Australian fans are offering because they have excess tickets or can no longer travel for the World Cup (Fan Sale); or (b) that we source through our networks (Supplier Sale).


  1. Where we offer you ticket(s) via a Fan Sale, we will offer them on behalf of an Australian fan who is selling excess ticket(s) (Seller).
  2. Your acceptance of the offer by return email will constitute your acceptance of the Seller’s offer to sell the ticket(s) to you for the price set out in the offer.
  3. We will take payment for the ticket(s), plus our service fee (see below), by charging your debit or credit card (we will call you and take payment over the phone).
  4. We will hold the purchase price in escrow until you confirm we can release the funds to the Seller as follows:  we will ask the Seller to take a photo of the ticket(s) as well as the registered mail envelope addressed to you. We will send these photos to you and ask you to confirm we can release funds to the Seller. Once we receive your confirmation, we will release the funds to the Seller who will then post the tickets to you.
  5. Our service fee for the significant resources we have dedicated to help fans receive tickets via Fan Sales is $AUD100 or 15% of the transaction cost, whichever is the greater.
  6. Please note that we are not selling you any tickets via Fan Sales. The Seller is selling the ticket(s) to you and we are merely an intermediary facilitating the transaction between you and the Seller.
  7. Although we have devised a process to provide you with additional security/comfort in purchasing the tickets via Fan Sales, please note that we will be in no way responsible if the tickets are lost in the mail or in the unlikely event that they are not legitimate or you are refused entrance to a stadium for any reason. We accept no liability in this regard. Any claims you may have must be made against the Seller directly.


  1. Where we offer you a ticket(s) via a Supplier Sale, we will use reasonable endeavours to ensure the reliability of the supplier, however you acknowledge that you purchase these tickets at your own risk and you acknowledge that the price will most likely be higher than the face value of the tickets.
  2. We will guarantee the delivery of ticket(s) purchased via a Supplier Sale to your nominated address by no later than 4 June 2018. If we fail to deliver the ticket(s) then we will refund you 1.5 x the purchase price paid.
  3. Our responsibility to you ends once we effect delivery of the tickets, and we shall not be liable to you in any way in the event you lose your ticket(s) or if for whatever reason the ticket(s) do not permit access to the stadium or if you are refused access to the stadium for any reason.