Iranian Visa & Letter of invitation

Please provide a scan of the photo page of your passport together with your booking form and email it to It is essential that we collect this at the time of booking, as it is required by our overseas travel  operators in order to process your Iranian visa invitation letter and Iranian visa.

GGArmy will coordinate Iranian visa invitation letter/authorization code, which is a requirement to apply for your Iranian visa. It takes around 5-7 weeks for the visa authorisation code to be issued. GGArmy will supply guests with VISA authorization codes.

The authorisation code needs to be printed and stored with your detailed itinerary, hotels list and your passport when you board your flight to Tehran. Visa officials in Tehran will need to see both documents before issuing the visa in Tehran.

Once landing at the Tehran Airport, Australian passport holders will take this Iranian visa invitation letter/authorization code to Iran Visa & Passport Office at the airport and pay for their visa (cost is 145 EUROS payable in EUROS).

You will need to fill out an Iran visa application form at the Iran Visa and Passport Office at the Tehran Airport (they will provide one to you there) and provide 2 passport sized photos.

Your 15-day Iranian visa is then stamped in your passport. This process takes around 20-25 minutes per person.

Iran Visa documents, requirements & considerations:

  • A confirmed return flight ticket

  • A valid passport with at least 6 months validity

  • A photo is to be attached to the Iran visa application form. You can collect the Iran visa application form at the Tehran airport.

  • If your Iran visa on arrival is rejected; you will be held the responsibility for the return flight and any other costs.

  • Travelers who have been rejected for Iran visa previously will not receive Iran visa on arrival.

  • Clients that have an Israeli stamp in their passport will not be allowed to apply for an Iranian visa invitation or letter.

  • Journalists and reporters on work trips cannot get Iran visa on arrival.

  • Passport holders with a Jewish surname may not be allowed to apply for a visa.

  • Iranian nationals holding other nationality’s passport are not allowed to get Iran visa on arrival.

  • Iran visa on arrival is not issued for USA, UK or Canada passport holders