Ticketing Information

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Match Tickets are on sale now. Please note that match tickets are not included in our tour packages/price. All fans are required to purchase their own FIFA World Cup™ match tickets directly through the FIFA Ticketing Website.

Based on our experience of operating tours to the 2010 & 2014 FIFA World Cups, we are very confident that every one of our tour participants will secure a ticket to Australia’s matches. Thus we include a Match Ticket Guarantee with every tour package purchased. The guarantee is simple, if you are not successful in securing Australian FIFA match ticket/s we will refund your land package price. Conditions apply, please see the details below.

Which tickets do I buy to follow Australia?
To follow Australia, purchase Supporter Tickets – Australia.

When are Match Tickets on sale?
Sales Phase (1)

  • First Come First Served: 16th – 28th Nov 2017

Sales Phase (2)

  • Random Selection Draw*: 5th Dec 2017 – 31st Jan 2018
  • First Come First Served: 13th Mar 2018 – 3rd April 2018
  • Last Minute Sales Phase: 18th Apr – 15th Jul 2018

*Please note that during the Random Selection Draw, ticket applications submitted at any time in the sales period have an equal chance of being successful.

Can I purchase tickets for non-Socceroos matches in addition to my Supporter- Australia Tickets?

Yes, tickets for non-Socceroos matches in addition to the 3 Australia group stage matches can be purchased as Individual Match Tickets. These are available for all matches of the FIFA World Cup.

Sales Phase 2 – Random Selection Draw is open from 5 Dec 2017 – 31 Jan 2017. Tickets can be requested for non-Socceroos matches at any time in this period with an equal chance of obtaining them, regardless of the date they were requested.

There will also be another opportunity to purchase tickets from 13 March 2018 in the Sales Phase 2 – First Come First Served period with tickets confirmed at time of purchase.

How much do tickets cost?

The price of tickets for individual group stage matches will range from USD $105 for Category 3 to USD $210 for a Category 1 ticket. A Team Specific Ticket series (TSTs) will set you back USD $315 for a TST Category 3 or USD $630 for a TST Category 1.

Will I get tickets to Australia’s games?

The FFA allocation (8% of each stadium) via the FIFA Ticket Ballot (Sales Phase 2- Random Selection Draw) met the needs of all Socceroos fans in 2010 & 2014. In fact, in 2010 and 2014, the FFA allocation was not exhausted and a surplus was handed back for last minute public sales. This is why we can offer our Match Ticket Guarantee. At 2014 Brazil over 500 Australians travelled with us, and not one person missed out on a ticket to any of Australia’s games. In the unlikely situation that you aren’t successful in obtaining tickets in the FIFA ballot, then we will help you to obtain tickets in the following ways:

  • We will operate a Ticket Exchange Platform for 2018 Russia connecting guests who have excess tickets for some games with guests who require tickets for those games. We operated a Ticket Exchange Platform for 2014 Brazil which was very successful
  • If you still haven’t obtained tickets, we will introduce you to ticket sources within our network.

What is the Exclusive Green & Gold Army Match Ticket Guarantee?

We have operated tours to the past 2 World Cups and we have never had a guest miss out securing tickets. The vast majority of tickets will be available to Australian fans during Sales Phase 2, which commences after the final draw on 5 December 2017. We are so confident that our tour guests will obtain tickets that we are offering this exclusive Match Ticket Guarantee for guests who book their Green & Gold Army package by 31 December 2017:

If you fail to obtain tickets via the FIFA Ballot to at least two Socceroos Group Stage fixtures and the GGArmy is not able to source tickets for you through our Buy, Swap & Sell Platform by no later than 31 March 2018, then we will refund the ground portion of your Green & Gold Army Package in full if you choose not to travel.*

*Some conditions apply: (a) you must provide us with evidence to show that you applied for tickets in Sales Phase 2 and were unsuccessful; (b) tickets sourced through the Buy, Swap & Sell Platform may not be offered at face value; (c) refund is limited to the ground portion of your package and does not include any flights or any other expenses you have incurred in connection with your package.

Russian VISAS and FAN ID's

Almost all nationalities, including Australian passport holders require a tourist visa for Russia but thankfully a Russian VISA isn’t necessary once you secure at least 1 FIFA match day ticket and once you’ve received your laminated FAN ID (read below).

You can apply for a FAN ID here: https://www.fan-id.ru/ . Once you have successfully applied for The FAN ID, upon approval it will be sent to your home/work address by the end of May 2018. If the FAN ID doesn’t arrive to your home/work address it’s likely an electronic copy will be emailed to you, which will allow you to enter Russia (which was the case for the Confederations Cup).

The “FAN ID” document will enable supporters to save hundreds of dollars and hours of paperwork as they will not need to organise and purchase a tourist visa. The document, which is issued free of charge to both international and Russian fans, is a great initiative which allows international fans visa-free entry to Russia 10 days before the opening match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia (4 June 2018) and until up to 10 days from the end of the tournament (25 July 2018). A FAN ID is mandatory for all supporters wishing to attend any FIFA World Cup games and only is valid if they have tickets for the tournament. You will not be able to enter the stadiums without a laminated FAN ID and of course, your match day tickets.

Green & Gold Army operated a tour to Russia for the FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017 where the FAN ID and associated processes were trialled very successfully.

If for some reason you do not receive your FAN ID 3 weeks before you are due to depart your home country you will need to apply for a standard Russian Tourist VISA as you will not be able to board the plane for Russia without a Russian VISA or FAN ID. Green & Gold Army can provide you with letters of invitation to enable you to apply for a Tourist VISA.

We are here to help you through the process of applying for your FAN ID and/or Tourist VISA if required.